The Tannin Bomb

It’s a Bath Bomb with Wine!

We’re wine lovers, we’re geeks, and we love to relax. Sometimes we just wish we could bathe in wine Marilyn Monroe style. Instead we decided to create bath bombs that harness all of the best parts of the wine making process.


Anti-Oxidant Goodness

Red Grapes are packed full of healthy anti-oxidants, but most of these get left behind at the press long before they make it to your glass. We’ve packed our bath bombs full of these left-over anti-oxidants so you can soak up every last drop.

Everybody loves bubbles!

This is just as true in the Glass as it is in the Bath. We’ve worked hard to combine our love of fizz into every Tannin Bomb. Modelling our aroma after Champagne and Traditional Method Sparkling wines you really feel like you’re bathing in Champagne.

About Us

Something in common

Natalie and Jordan have two significant things in common: a love of wine and struggles with anxiety disorders. While they have followed different paths to get here, they have both learned to seek out and enjoy the little moments of peace. While working on their other project (, they got to thinking about other ways to incorporate wine into wellness. Several glasses of wine and many discussions later Natalie stumbled upon the pun that would set everything in motion “We should make bath bombs, with tannins, and call them Tannin Bombs.”

Driven by Jordan’s knowledge of wine and Natalie’s love of puns we’ve distilled our passion into little balls of fizzy delight. A little piece of everyday relaxation for people living in a hectic world. A tiny escape to a faraway paradise at the end of a stressful workday. A minute moment of joy and celebration at the wonders of life. Whatever the reason you come up with, this is our invitation for you to look after yourself and your own well-being with a little relaxation.

Our Ingredients

If our ingredients look familiar to any wine geeks out there, it’s because they probably are. Our bath bombs have been designed to incorporate healthy elements of the wine making process wherever possible. Because relaxation starts with your body we strive to make our bath bombs as natural as possible using no nonsense simple ingredients. Since we have nothing to hide lets break these down for you.

Sodium Bicarbonate
(Baking Soda)

An essential component of all bath bombs, it reacts with acids to create the signature bomb bomb fizz. This same reaction is why Calcium and Potassium Carbonate are used for deacidification in wineries. In addition to this deacidifying fizz, it’s also great for neutralizing toxins and soothing your skin.

Citric Acid

As a naturally occurring acid, citric acid is found everywhere, even in wine. Whether for it’s great natural cleaning properties or for minor acidification, it would be rare to fine a winery without Citric acid somewhere. In our bath bombs it’s here for the fizz it makes when combined with baking soda.

Potassium Bitartrate
(Cream of Tartar)

Formed during the winemaking process and otherwise known as wine diamonds, potassium bitartrate is as essential to wine as it is to our bath bombs. By replacing a bit of our Citric acid with Cream of Tartar we bring a little bit of the winemaking process back into our acid blend and make a fizzier bomb.

Grape Tannin Powder

Red grapes are rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients but most of this gets left behind in the grape skins, seeds, stems and other parts. We’ve powdered this to let you absorb all that missing anti-oxidant goodness while you relax in the bath.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is used to help clarify and stabilize wines removing haze and making the wine bright and vibrant. In our bath bombs we use the clay to absorb toxins from your skin and help leave you feeling bright and vibrant!

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Tannin Bomb Case


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